Fattoria Isabella de Medici

The company started its activitier in the '70s thanks to Mr. Giovan Battista Cappellini's initiative and love of the land. he bought the land which once belonged to the famous Florentine Medici family and hence the name "Isabella de' Medici FarmHouse", the noblewoman from the well-know titled family.

On this land he palnted, in a careful and wise way, species of vines which still guarantee the high quality of products.

The land extends over a large area and a small part of it is characterized by numerous plantations of olive trees. This is the reason why Mr. Giovan Battista Cappellini has dedicated all his love and passion to the production of wine, oil derivates, wisely selecting the best products.

Over the years he got his children's help and entrepreneurial support, too. This new contribution has greatly improvede the company with fresh and innovative ideas.

The high quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, "real nectar to the cuisine", along with wines and other products, makes "Isabella de' Medici Farmhouse" a certain essential reference for all those who loves tastes and authentic flavours of healthy food